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Commissioning work

Words with special significance are my reason for writing. There’s something very personal about having them hand written, and arranged in a way that enhances their importance both to giver and recipient. So I am frequently asked to design and write out speeches, poems, quotations and song lyrics that have meant something to the client at a special occasion and also write names on wedding stationery, names on certificates and in memorial books, design birth/special event announcements, certificates and even Freedom Scrolls.

If you want to ask for a quote, I need to know:

  • your deadline – a rush job may not be possible, sorry, I’m going away a lot this year!

  • your text – please email all the words, either within your email or as a Word attachment
  • some indication of the kind of thing you had in mind, eg  formal or informal, or a bit like something you’ve seen of mine

All original artworks are on good quality paper with as far as possible no-fade paints/ inks.

Contact me by email but I suggest you copy & paste my email address rather than click onto it as that sometimes sends it to my spam box!

For illustration/ drawing, illuminated initials, family trees or framing, please look elsewhere. Go to and to look up the Fellows who have their own websites.

For names on certificates or wedding stationery, tell me your needs and I’ll give you some prices. As a guide, straightforward black writing on invitations (Mr Robert and Mrs Angela Scrivener) is usually £2 per entry, place cards (Robert/ Robert Scrivener) £1.50 with possible extra charges for colour, centring, or difficult surface to write on. The commonest script chosen is no 3 below, Italic, or no 7, Copperplate.

All the names need to be supplied as they are to be written, and in one batch; late additional names are subject to a minimum charge of £25. Some possible scripts are shown below, but for livelier scripts please ask.